Updated 7/29/11 My Gym – Lifetime Fitness City Centre

This is an update to my previous post in June that can be found here. After looking through my traffic logs I noticed a lot of people coming here after searching for Lifetime Fitness City Centre.

Since my previous post, my favorite spin teacher no longer teaches the early Friday morning class and a majority of the showers have been closed for over a week. They should be able to rip out and replace all the showers during that time if they wanted to. Regardless I don’t like standing in a “rooster” line after my workout waiting for a shower.

The replacement spin class teacher is solid so far, but the shower down time is inexcusable. Membership is over a hundred bucks a month and I’m losing my patience. I’m starting to get flashbacks from my time (or should I say doing time) at Bally’s gym.

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