I could never do that

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“I could never do that”. That is one of the phrases I hate the most. Anytime someone asks me about triathlons, marathons, or just my gym routine, all too frequently I hear the annoying phrase that never pays. I guess annoyed is a bit harsh. The first thing I feel when someone says it is sympathy. I’m sad that somewhere in their life journey someone either told them of their limitations or they just started making them up themselves. What is most interesting is I’ve heard this from all types of people CEOs, minimum wage employees. All races, all genders, all ages. It would seem that not believing in yourself knows no limits.

My reply is usually kind. I’ll respond “oh you would be surprised” and I’m happy to let the conversation fade away. It isn’t until people insist that I start to get pushy.

Dick Hoyt
Sarah Reinertsen
Passing comments are one thing, but if you are going to try to convince me of your future failures, well then I’m going to convince you otherwise. In world of Sarah Reinertsen’s and Dick Hoyt’s the phrase“I could never do that” just doesn’t hold a lot of weight anymore.

So what can’t you do? From working out, to telling someone you love them, all that you dream is within your grasp.

 “There is no comparison between that which is lost by not succeeding and that which is lost by not trying.”

Francis Bacon Sr

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