Had a good run with Netflix

I signed up with Netflix back when we got our first DVD player. I’ve always been a big fan, and told everybody that Netflix is a tremendous deal and they should try it out. Over the years, the price has gone up a little bit at a time. It was still worth it with a decent selection of online streaming shows and dvds.

Shortly after Blu Ray discs starting being shipped, Netflix made an agreement with some of the big movie studios that they would delay new releases 30 days, in order to get a cheaper supply. It sucked but the price was right. I didn’t like seeing movies that I wanted to see available on PPV, but not available on Netflix.

Now all that has changed and I must say goodbye to my old Netflix friend. We had some great times together, watching Step Brothers for multiple viewings, Blu Ray movies with my wife. With the recent price hike, our friendship has turned abusive. The most recent price hike that goes in affect on 9/1/11 is the last straw. Anybody that would agree to a 67% increase is a fool. Pay per view via Direct TV is a far┬ásuperior┬ásetup. No delays in new movies, watch new releases when I’m ready to see them, done deal. We had a good run, but all good things must come to an end. If you have Netflix I highly suggest you cancel your subscription. When big companies try large price hikes, this is the only choice the consumer has. Even if you think you will sign back up later, cancel for now.

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    Dude, right on there brohter.

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