Mail Order Bride

My wife is training for her first half marathon. She is kicking butt and I’m very proud of her. Now that we are a dual athlete house, sacrifices need to be made. For me that means sharing the morning workout days during the week. This is great for me getting some additional rest, it sucks for my commute. One of the reasons I love working out in the early morning is getting most of my commute completed without other people on the road. What at 5am takes 20 minutes has been taking 60. Booo-hoooo.

This past week, I received a little reward for the stop and go brake mashing that is my morning. I’m driving along and who do I see in my rear-view but a 50 year old man I’m calling Mr. Weird, Mr. W for short. I freaked out when I saw him, or better yet his passenger. I fumbled with my phone and started snapping pics while trying to avoid car sodomy at the same time. After I got a decent picture from my rear-view, I changed lanes to get a side picture. Traffic didn’t allow me to get another picture so I settled with what I got.
Hello Kitty Car Rider
Keep in mind as you gawk at the pictures that I never saw Mr.W get in the HOV lane. He passed up the normal HOV/Toll entry lane while I could still seem him. So erase that as one reason why this person had a fluff filled, machine washable passenger with him on the way to work. I’ve thought of a bunch of funny captions for this gem. My favorite is this brings new meaning to the phrase mail order bride. Happy driving my friends.
Hello Kitty Car Rider

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