Pushing it to the limit – Training tales

cullenI train hard by most standards, which is normal by Ironman standards. My training volume is at the bottom of the rung for those finishing in under 17 hours.
As I was coming into the end of my Ironman Texas training a month before the event I headed out for my last tough run. I scheduled it during the hottest part of the day so I could prepare for the heat that would come May 19 2012.

The run started well, nice and slow with the heat hitting me hard right away. I run 9 minutes then walk 1 minute. This worked well but the heat was working on me and I could see my heart rate rising as I got hotter. My route is a 5.5 mile loop at Cullen park here in Katy. On my second loop I could feel stomach starting to crap up. My legs were already starting to get tired and I was drinking often as best I could. Stomach issues faded, hooooray!

I finished two loops and thought about taking a potty break, but I really wanted to just finish. This turned out to be a big mistake. After my water break I started my last loop to get about 2 additional miles in the can. Once I was about half a mile from the rest area, my stomach started talking again. It was at this point I remembered that gas during a run, is always a warning sign that the colon apocalypse is about to arrive. It happened again, I ignored it and kept at my slow run. This was also mistake. 30 seconds later I knew I was in trouble. I dropped my hydration belt, moved to the side of the path and dropped my shorts. Explosion followed. I didn’t have anything to clean up with so I grabbed some leaves and acted like a caveman. I had to hurry because I feared a group of people running up and finding me butt naked hunch over. Lucky for me I was all alone.

I headed back with hydration belt in hand, with my head hanging low and feeling spent. I was happy with the work I did but bummed I didn’t get the full workout in. I was very thankful that I didn’t fully crap my pants and thankful I had a towel to sit on in my truck. As I walked back I knew I did all I could do for the day and that it would have to be enough. Turns out it was.

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