Oh the fat things you will do

Oh the places you'll go by dr seuss
It has been a couple of weeks since I did one of the worst (fattest) things I’ve ever done in my life. Keep in mind that for me to say it was one of the worst, well it has to be pretty bad. I’ve done some CRAZY foodie type things. Some things I will never admit to unless the pictures are being used against me.

So the tale goes like this. I’m home alone a couple of weeks ago. I’m mowing down some of the smaller reeses peanute butter cups. Like some sort of mad-scientist it dawns on me that while these are delish, that they could be EVEN BETTER. Next thing I know I’m like a mad man searching through the kitchen looking for the peanut butter jar.
reese peanut butter cup I honestly barely remember finding it.
What I do remember is unwrapping the minis as fast as I could and jamming them into the jar of peanut butter. 30 seconds later I’ve got peanut butter all over my fingers and 10 foil wrappers are scattered across our kitchen counter.
Natural Jif Peanut ButterThis may have been the worlds first peanut butter blackout. I quickly clean up and ask my dog to quit giving me the look of shame. I’m pretty sure he was just jealous. My wife and kids got home a short while later and I tried to act as natural as possible. The only thing I could think to do is ask “what’s for dinner” even though I had a gullet full of peanut butter delights.

Dr. Suess says “oh the places you’ll go”.
I say “oh the fat things you will do”.

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