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I’ve been going to gyms for a long time. Over the past 17 years I’ve been to Air Force gyms, 24 hour fitness, Ballys and now Lifetime Fitness. I joined over two and a half ago and it is by far the best gym I’ve ever been to. The place is unbelievably clean, free towel service, indoor/outdoor pool, kids play area with computers, indoor basketball courts and an awesome spin class studio.

I’ve been at all times of the day and I have never waited for a piece of equipment. In addition to the free towel service, “wet-wipe” stations are throughout the club so you can wipe down the equipment you are using. The spin class studio is huge and the group fitness manager, Cathy Knauss, teaches a great class and always has something new going on. The outdoor ride of a lifetime event is a fine example of fun fitness events.

I took swimming classes at this gym when I could only swim one length of the pool without stopping. That seems like a long time ago (2 years) seeing how during my Ironman training I would swim over 160 lengths without stopping.

How much do I love my gym? Well I’ve had some months that I have more visits, than days in that month. Yep, sometimes I go twice a day. Spin or run workout in the morning, swim workout during lunch. Over the past year I’ve lost over 50lbs at Lifetime and I look forward to that trend continuing.

Lifetime Fitness helped me become an Ironman. I did most of my IM training at the gym. Swimming, running and cycling. I found that when you like going to your gym, it makes it easier to get your workouts completed. I can’t recommend Lifetime Fitness enough.
Oh and the peanut butter and banana shakes are pretty darn good as well.

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  1. You are amazing! I live in St. George and they just did an Iron Man here not too long ago. I saw the guys in it, and they were incredible. You guys are an inspiration to the rest of us. Thanks a lot.

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