It started with a sign (IMTX)

Well almost. It started with my friend Marianne stopping by my desk asking me if I was going to sign up. She knew I had previously completed some sprint triathlons. I looked at her like she was crazy since I don’t follow the news and I was out of the loop. Sure enough the previous night, Ironman Texas had been announced. I had been planning on attempting an Ironman event sometime in the future, sometime waaaay in the future. The fact that this event was in my own backyard changed that plan.

I emailed my wife and discussed the cost of the race with her. I remember reminding her that this was a lifelong dream of mine, and her classic response was “it seems early in your lifetime to fill a lifelong dream”. So with sign-ups opening up in two days I had to decide quickly if I was going to give it a shot. I discussed it with my friend Kevin who is also my swim training partner. We agreed I had time enough to train, if I started right away.
I signed up as soon as registration opened for fear the event was going to sell out. I was already going to the gym and doing some light workouts. Official training started the next day. When I left for work that day, my sweet and loving wife sent me off with the note below.

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