Ironman Texas Swim

I participated in the Lake Woodlands long swim today. The water was 76 degrees which is cooler than it has been prior to a cool front that ran through the area. The course was two loops, 1.2 miles each. This wasn’t the “real” Ironman Texas swim course but a decent portion of it.

The water was as to be expected in the murky factor. Lucky for me I prefer drinking my murky water when it is chilled. The lake is fairly narrow which wasn’t a big deal today but it is going to be an issue during the Ironman race. I can’t imagine 2400 people jammed into this lake. Lucky for me I’ll be in the back of the pack since I’m a slow swimmer. Those that are faster are going to be working through a traffic jam.

My swim was slow and smooth and except for having trouble moving in a straight line, I did as well as I expected.

For those racing IMTX this is what you need to know:
The entrace is easy to get in, and the ground smooth and solid (not mud that you will sink in).
The water is dark and murky.
The non canal parts of the lake are plenty deep.
The water gets a bit choppy if the wind is blowing.
Dark goggles shouldn’t be needed.

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